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Kiko Health offers a treatment to suit you and your requirements. We offer relaxation, sports, and remedial forms of massage that works on all people including athletes, dancers, musicians, gardeners, walkers, parents, elderly, enthusiasts. Read the information below to learn more

Kiko Health - Treatments

The Kiko Treatment

Our signature treatment, combining movement therapy and remedial massage aimed at freeing up your body for daily city life. This is a balance of mobilising your body and deep tissue massage. As a result, you will improve agility of joints, improve function of motion, decrease restrictions and pain of the body. If you have noticed that your body is not as flexible as it once was , then this treatment procedure may be the one you have been looking for. The Kiko is part of the health fund rebate

1 hr $120, 1 1/2 hr $180

Kiko Health - Treatment

City Un-winder

This massage is set with a soft ambiance and gentle to medium pressure massage techniques on the whole body. A blend of almond oil, essential oils and beeswax is used to enhance relaxation while stresses are slowly dissolved. This treatment suits clients who are too sensitive for deep tissue treatments. Therefore this is a more gentle and holistic approach.

1/2 hr $40, 1 hr $80, 1 1/2 hr $120

Kiko Health - Treatment

No Pain No Gain

As the name suggests, this massage is deep tissue massage and all about dealing with your aches, pains, injuries, and postural dysfunctions. This treatment procedure pushes the body to free itself from pressure and pain. As a result, this allows the body to move freely with minimum resistance, giving you more energy for your day. Treatment works well for headaches, neck, back, shoulders, hips, knees, ankles, it has great benefits for other medical conditions and is health fund affiliated. Please make contact with our friendly team if you have questions relating to this massage and your situation

1/2 hr $50, 1 hr $100, 1 1/2 hr $150

Kiko Health - Treatment


Stretched And Trained

We designed this treatment for the athlete as they progress their way through the rigors of training and competition in their discipline. Here basic stretching, and strengthening techniques are used to help problem areas. As a result, we rebalance  muscle tone and length using trigger point therapy and muscle energy techniques. Whether you are an elite athlete or a weekend warrior, each treatment is tailor-made to the required outcomes of the athletes’ goals.

1/2 hr $45, 1 hr $90, 1 1/2 hr $135


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